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Taken from the TV series Phoenix Nights, In episode 3 series 1. Young Kenny is told to write "Psychic Tonight" for Brian Potters club. Phoenix Nights.
He keeps getting stopped by police and on his final attempt he spells it "pyskick"
"PYSKICK!! what the hells a piss kick?!?! its suppost to say psychic...tit..."
by Craig the Lemur December 12, 2006
44 15
I don't know what this means but I don't think I made it up, can you help?
What the hell is 'piss kick'?!
by henners May 11, 2004
18 12
a very trusty personal psychic
Yes, I want to go on a walk tonight because my pisskick told me something good would happen tonight if I ventured out of the house.


Have you called your pisskick today?
by B@y August 12, 2006
1 2
To violently kick the nearest object when furious.
Dude, after I failed that Final , I piss kicked the trash can.
by Rougue May 29, 2009
3 6
when you beat some one to a such a pulp that they are laying on the ground in a puddle of there own piss.
DUDE!, i just fuckin piss kicked that little bitch in marching band
by Alex johnson March 08, 2005
5 19