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Noun: a person, generally male and of post-pubescent age, who, as if by magic, makes a small quantity of beer into a large quantity of urine, to be dispensed at the urinal infuriatingly frequently.
Bob: 'Nother beer Bruno?
Bruno: Nah, ta, another 'un 'll break the seal and then I'll be back and forth like a piss wizard.
by MadBob June 03, 2007
24 9
Name coined by Twitter users for UK Prime Minister and smug Etonian, David Cameron.
Oi Cameron have it #pisswizard

That piss wizard's got more chance of winning the x factor than the next election
by VioletSkye April 21, 2013
12 -2
Someone who generally smells of urine quite badly. They are also pricts.
Hey hobbs man you stink of piss. Go the bog you smelly cunt.
by JaY January 23, 2003
8 27