The ultimate combination of a human being.
A pirateninja is like god.
by sam wise October 13, 2007
a pirate who is also a ninja.... some people think this is possible but its not!
there is no such thing as a pirateninja
A pirate trained as a ninja (see pirate and ninja.) People who are trained in the noble art of the Ninjas while travelling the seas in a ship stealing booty and generally causing havok.

ME "I am a pirate ninja, HI - YARRR!"
BOB "are you? thats nice"
by Haggis McSpud May 15, 2007
see: pinja
see also incompetent ass hats
pirate ninja fail at life
by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
A pirate Ninja is a member of the exclusive northern virginia gang located in reston. this gang has mad ninja skills and pirate anger.
see pirate and ninja if you still dont understanbd anything in that tiny brain of yours.
Internet person1: im a pirate ninja
Internet person2 :dam, youre a pirate ninja? you must have all black clothes andplunder all stealth?
by Samone Grant December 01, 2004

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