Pippa in Italian has three different meanings

1 - It indicates the men masturbation act
2 - As extension from the previous, Pippa stands for somebody mediocre in some expertise
2 - It is the 3rd person singular conjugation of "Pippare" - "To sniff"
1 - "Farsi una pippa" - Have a pippa
2- "Giocare a calcio come una pippa" - Playing football like a pippa
3 - "Pippare cocaina" - To sniff cocaine
by dabolino May 03, 2011
means "wank" or "to wank" in Italian
he spends his day is wanking

non fa altro che spararsi le pippe tutto il giorno

it's been ages since i had a wank

è una vita che non mi sparo una pippa
by derschwinegott April 29, 2011
v. removing one's clothing in order to frolic playfully, usually in an exotic setting such as a yacht in the Greek isles.
Wouldn't it be frightfully wicked to pippa here in St Tropez and then have some champagne poured on our heads by the servants!

Careful! If the Queen sees you pippa she'll revoke your Duchessness.
by Public_ice May 13, 2011
(verb) pippa, pippad, pippaing

To spend all one's free time soaking up rays at a tanning salon.
Thing 1:Did you see that hot bridesmaid?

Thing 2: Sho' nuff did! She been pippaing all month fo' dat look!
by Otis Spur May 02, 2011
A term for a girl who always hurts herself and blames other people
pippa--"Ouch you just made me hit my head on the wall"
when she actually did it herself because she cant sit still.
by PRICELESS007 January 26, 2009

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