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a person who cums in a condum turns it inside out and fucks the girl again
johns a pipe liner
johns a pipe liner
johns a pipe liner
by bobbyfo November 15, 2006
A pickup line that has a 70% chance of getting someone laid. Pipeliners are usually used by men since women don't normally have a hard time getting men to sleep with them.
Remember that chick from the 40/40 that was being kinda standoffish? yeah, so i served her a pipeliner and she can now tell you what my dick taste like?

Nookid: Hey, come here often?
Hot Chick: Not interested.
Nookid: I'm an upcoming rapper who is currently cutting a deal with def jam.
Hot Chick: I know this cool trick, whip out your dick and i'll show you.
by Nookid May 24, 2010