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The water one drinks from a public water fountain. Name given due to the abnormal taste the water acquires after running through questionably clean pipes.
"I'm not drinking from the school's water fountain. It tastes like pipe juice."
by Oblea Nobody May 22, 2007
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Pipe juice is the black, soot-like substance that appears on the outside of meth smoking pipes, often seen on meth users hands, clothes, and faces.
I didnt know why everyone was looking at me until I looked at a mirror and saw pipe juice all over my face.
by cbo1 October 29, 2012
pipe refers to penis and the "juice" is the stuff that comes out, or semen

sometimes it makes you a little high if you swallow it

usually aquired by giving a blowjob
Me: Why the fuck is Shaneequa acting so crazy?

Other person: She gave Jamal a blowjob. She's a little high from that pipe juice
by Chic Chi-Town Chick March 04, 2005

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