a piece of legislation proposed by the US government, similar to SOPA, giving the american government free reign to censor everything on the internet they find offencive or infringes copyrights
if SOPA and PIPA pass, the internet is doomed, please fight back!!!
by I_is_Troll January 20, 2012
What Regis Philbin calls Kelly Ripa.
1. Regis: Hey Pipa, have you seen the headlines?
Kelly: No, Reege. What's going on?

2. I love Pipa!
by Elizaa November 22, 2007
An oriental stringed instrument that Mike of Incubus, borrowed from Steve Vai to record Aqueous Transmission.
I'm being chased by seven kids high on kool-aid!
by 421isoffbyone April 18, 2004
a gun
teh pwnz
pipa is teh pwnz
pipa has a gun
by tah wordknowah May 22, 2003
a gun in a south american language
and teh pwnz
by Anonymous May 22, 2003

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