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When one is using Macintosh OS X, and the computer crashes by turning the cursor into a pinwheel and not letting you do anything. SImilar to the Blue Screen of death from the old Windows NT days, but, like many Apple products, cuter and more friendly looking.
"Whoops! I tried to open two programs at once on this iMac with the stock 256mb of RAM. Now the keyboard and mouse button aren't working."

"Yup. Looks like you got the old pinwheel of death."
by cosmo October 22, 2005
When you're using a Mac on OS X and your mouse has the pin wheel loading something, but it never stops causing you to have to restart your machine.
Man 1:Hey I was in Imovie when I got the Pin Wheel of Death
Man 2:Hmmm I thought Macs were supposed to be "perfect"?
by Devon Wilson. April 01, 2007
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