A person who turn a rather bright pinkish or red colour under certain cirumstances. These circumstances could include physical activity or immersing onesself in a hot tub. Pink people are usually natural red heads or blondes.
I discovered that my friend was a pink person when she turned bright red upon entering the hot tub.
by Cassassy March 07, 2008
Top Definition
Another word for white people or people of color, because white people's skin has a pink undertone.
Person A: "White people be crazy thinking they can get away without another Depression in US by lifting regulations they set in place right after the Great Depression of US."

Person B: "You mean pink people. They're pink like pig's skin. Them hogs are too greedy to know they're in their own filth."
by Pink Slime October 04, 2012
white people who are so white their skin looks or glows a pink hue, mostly irish, english, or european descent.
my brothers and I are hella native, but our half brother is a pink people, look at his rosey face.
by swinkle March 05, 2011
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