A word used by the clock work mice. It doesn't really mean anything, but it sounds good. If you were to put it to music, you'd probably use a triangle or xylophone
mice: pingle pangle pongle
by Flaze April 18, 2007
Top Definition
to instruct someone to contact you.
Pingle me tomorrow about meeting for drinks.
Give me a pingle tomorrow and maybe we can chat.
by da'jingle master May 04, 2011
the (painful) feeling a man gets in his area while going down a steep roller coaster or surface
"that roller coaster gave me so much pingle"
by p weenie January 10, 2008
Pingles can be used as an alternative word for fingers. Often used when they are cold.
For example: "ooh feel my pingles, they are freezing"
by HappyTurtle February 05, 2010
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