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The act of shooting a ping pong ball out of the pussy of a woman at such a high speed it can rip through 15ft. thick steel. Here is the formula.

-d(a(du/dx) )/dx+(d^2(b*(du^2/dx^2) /dx^2))+co*u+c1*(du/dt)+c2* (du^2/dt^2)=f(x,t)
in (2A) = 2(sin A)(cos A) cos (2A) = cos2 A - sin2 A
cos (2A) = 1 - 2(sin2 A)
cos (2A) = 2(cos2 A) - 1 tan (2A) = (2 tan A) / (1 - tan2 A)g(x) = x3 + 1\15}f(x) = Rate of pureness.
Man #1:"Damn Chow-Ling shot that ping pong ball so far and fast!"
Man #2:"Fuck yeah she did, we'll need to use the ping pong theorem to figure out this one!"

Propz to paul*
you know who you are n3gro
by robbert muddafu(|<en drak3 April 09, 2008
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