AKA Crime Hills...a shithole west of downtown Orlando. Called the anus of Orlando by locals. Full of scum...you don't wanna break down in that neigborhood.
A:Yo Pine Hills...that place is wack.
B:Werd to Big Bird.
by Bakalaka October 09, 2006
Top Definition
Pine Hills is a slum located west of downtown Orlando.
Mostly inhabited by drug dealers, bank robbers, and people with bleak or no hopes of making it out. Its nickname is "Crime Hills."
1: Yeah, I drove through Pine Hills yesterday.
2: How the hell did you make it out alive?
by KRHimself October 03, 2004
A neighborhood located in west Orlando. Also known as Choppa City. It is home to people such as Darryl Dawkins NBA hall of famer, Chucky Atkins pro basketball player, and Brandon Siler San Deigo linebacker.
If you really want to play call of duty go check out Pine Hills, and if you wanna play on veteran go after midnight.
by pine hills June 16, 2008
Where a tourist definately doesnt wanna end up. Located in west Orlando its part of the chain of hoods that start with parramore and works its way west. Odds of you having fun at disney are as high as your odds of getting robbed of everything than shot and killed in Pine Hills.
drive through pine hills you should survive.

stop in pine hills you'll be lucky to wake up in a hospital
by jghfd December 12, 2008
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