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the guy who thinks pimptart should be a poptart with a pimp substance... other words to define him include pimptard, dumbshit and stupid fucker..
guy 1: "I think this pop tart should be called a pimptart."
guy 2: "I think you should be called that."
guy 3: "I believe the corect term would be pimptard"
girl 1: "All good defintions, but I think dumbshit or stupid fucker also come to mind.."
by PimpOmatic9000 June 20, 2007
a poptart that is pimpin, usually filled with a pimp-like substance
Man, that poptart is so pimpin awesome, i think we should consider it one mean pimptart!
by Pimp Daddy Master April 16, 2007
to stupid people who are gay enough to make fun of a pimp ass word (pimptart)! FUCK YOU!!! go to hell u fuck face! dirty dummbass bitch!

P.S. OHIO RULES!!! unlike yo dumbass state (michigan)
Me: hey u suck
PimpOmatic9000: noooo
Me: face da truth hoe!
PimpOmatic9000: i suck
Me: damn straight!
pimptarts rule!
I be burnin yo bitch ass!!!
by miss pimp October 19, 2007