1. To take easily, without force or additional coaxing.

Ant: Thugged
Duquila just gave me 'bout $3.50 (tree fiddy) when I asked her.

I pimped Duquilas's tree fiddy.
by Happy March 10, 2005
To do up your car like an African American Pimp.
20" gold rims, body kit, tinted windows, loads of ice in the trunk.

See Pimp my Ride on MTV
by Brad Jones July 02, 2005
what you call bangin a girl
i pimped a girl in the back of my car.
by pimpofconcity February 23, 2005
To blatently pass a car on the right, then cut in front of them at the last second.
Dude, I totally pimped that guy on Ventura.
by james napier April 14, 2004

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