Player In Management Profession
Q: What would you call a player in a management profession?
A: Pimp
by Spens February 24, 2008
put in my pussy
what did u putin my pussy?
by master August 05, 2003
put it in my pocket is really what it means even the original pimps said it
snoop and some other original pimp said it
by kyle keesee45 February 22, 2005
Party in my Pants stands for P.I.M.P.
Rappers tend to be "pimps".
by kass January 11, 2005
The lesser known meaning of P.I.M.P. commonly used in the eastside of Plevna, Indiana, a.k.a the Amish Ghetto. Developed by Brad Shrock in the year of 86. When confronted by a young Amish Man he simply brushed the poop off his shoulder and said, Im A P.I.M.P (Pooper In My Pocket)
Jebadiah, you are one sick P.I.M.P.
by Joe Kendall September 22, 2004
A Person Who Owns Prostitutes!!
50 Cent Is A Mother Fukin P.I.M.P!!
by Eminm October 25, 2003
poop in my pants
I just pimped in my pants i was so scared!!!!
by smelly August 04, 2003
Extremely simple, a facile task.
Scoring a hat-trick against the huns at Ibrox is pimps, man.
by Duizzle September 14, 2005

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