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Pimp dizzle is used to describe the perfect, ultra-pimp man. Pimp dizzle is an extension of pimp shizzle, and is a distinction earned by few.
"Nathan is the pimp-dizzle-est shizzle there ever was."
by Hypernatt12 December 24, 2004
29 6
The pinacle of cool; extraordinarily spectacular.
Hommie 1:"Dude, check out that fly ride!"
Hommie 2:"Damn that shit's pimpdizzle"
by Sean September 09, 2004
6 1
"the man with true game"
That is a PIMP dizzle man right there!!
by THE PIMP DIZZLE December 01, 2003
7 4
Pimp Daddy/Dawg/Dog/Dick/(in This case me) Danny
A Muthafuckin P.I.M.P
by PIMP Dizzle October 23, 2003
4 11