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When a doctor tests certain medications on a patient, but actually worsens the problem through trial and error.
Micky: my doc put me on antidepressants... but it actually made me suicidal... so he put me on another kind and now don't give shit about anything... so now he thinks I need a different kind... I feel like a lab rat!

Mallory: Sounds like pill roulette to me.
by PDXJohnny99 April 10, 2013
When you put all of your dad's pills in a bag and take turns in blindly taking them out
John: let's play pill roulette!
Jay: done
John: I got heart meds
Jay: I got 2 endone's
Mum: I got panadol, booooo
Jay: winner
by VonnyEvil April 03, 2016
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