During intercourse, a man spins on top of a female while still in her, (like a breakdancer) and there's a chance his member could get stuck and twisted like a pigtail.
I want to pigtail my girl because I am feelling athletic.
by Treflexswedisha August 12, 2015
Police tail.
Damn if these officers in my pigtail aren't annoying.
by Jack Daniels 2011 November 03, 2011
when a cop (pig) is trailing you (tail)
it was awful, picked up a skank ass hooker but i had a pigtail and i got busted before i busted
by Spangoul March 16, 2007
Taking a shit on your girlfriend's chest that ends up being so long it coils up like a Pig's Tail.
I was pushing one out and it kept on coming until there was a big pig tail on her chest.
by Mat in Utah May 15, 2006
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