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when purchasing a ticket for just about anything, one can NEVER pay a 'flat', all 'inclusive fee'...!!

-there always are "handling" charges, 'special' charges, table reservation charges, air-usage charges, parking charges, etc!! (-you get it!) pumping up the initial charge, so one has to 'choke-up' more money -ie:getting "nickled and dimed" to death! (the american way!!)

this is a form of 'bait and switch' as one thinks they're going to 'get sex' for a certain price, but the price just keeps rising!!

-why not just pump another twenty dollars on the ticket price to begin with?? -i guess a 'flat' charge is just too frightening here in america!, where everything MUST exist under a cloud of bullshit!!
did you get mike foolsley tickets? -yeah the price is reasonable, but the piggyback fees will eat your ass up!!
just me and the piggyback fees in a dark alley, me with a shotgun!
by michael foolsley February 15, 2010
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