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someone who makes sexual advances, performs sexual acts, or in general brown noses a cop in order to get out of something illegal
"Kev turned into a dirty pig licker as soon as that 5-oh turned his lights on."
"Yeah, I think he likes that shit... he started to salivate and everything"
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 19, 2003
8 5
From Famous Dave’s (a barbecue restaurant chain in the Midwest) comes PIG LICKERS – a strip of Nueskes, apple-smoked bacon dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt and served chilled.
Your brow may furrow but the crisp, smoky-sweetness and the fatty mouth feel of Pig Lickers - is not just good but “foodgasmic“.
by ChristopherPistopher April 21, 2011
2 0