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I love to hit it backwards, call it pig latin.
I love to hit it backwards, call it pig latin.
by aaaaadri June 03, 2010
38 66
The sound a fat girl makes when cumming as i fuck her
I went hogging last night and picked up a moon pig and as i was fucking her she started to scream pig latin
by The Shitztigators September 22, 2010
36 79
if word begins with a vowel then you at 'yay' at the end (ie out becomes outyay)
if word begins witha consonant then you move the consonants to the end but only up to the first vowel, then you add 'ay' to the end(ie streight becomes eightstray)
i cant think of an example = i antcay inkthay ofyay anyay exampleyay
by fresh prince February 14, 2005
39 92
Juvenile "code" language created by the rearrangement of sounds in a word such that the first character is moved to the end and "bay" is added. In the case of a vowel as the first sound, "bay" is simply added.
"Histbay isbay anbay examplebay ofbay igpbay atinlbay."
- means: This is an example of pig latin.
by lutsbay December 27, 2005
29 101
Juvenal cypher language formed by moving the first letter or sound of a word and appending it to the end.
"Ooday and Cusay are edday. Ilkayed enway eirthay assday(irregular) asway otshay offday(irregular)
(Ooday and Cusay are dead killed when their ass(s) were shot off.}
by J E Walker July 29, 2003
29 104