The piece of "technology" on which I am currently typing. Referred to in the business world as the "hp pavilion mx75"
"I HATE this piece of SHIT!"
by ilikefood May 31, 2005
A worthless individual who blames everyone else for all their problems and never takes responsibility for anything.
OMG Theresa, that guy named Fred is one ugly ass piece of shit!!!!
by toopreshish4u May 11, 2004
Useless, worthless, anything or anyone that has no purose, or works incorrectly... or fecal matter deposited out of the butt..
Moulton lava is not a piece of shit or a rock.
Elizabeth is a poisonious piece of shit.
There is a piece of shit on the side walk in San Fransisco.
Please clean that piece of shit before allowing it to go out in public.
Your car is a piece of shit.
by crappa shares August 05, 2011
a person who is very abusive towards other people or animals.
That guy over there is always insulting people. He is a piece of shit!
by funny fellas January 12, 2014
Someone that doesn't do anything for society. Anyone who doesn't give a shit and wastes their life and would just walk past someone who needed help because they would rather fuck off and get drunk and fuck shit up.
Joe doesn't help his retarded brother pay his bills because he is to busy getting drunk and having sex with prostitutes! What a fucking piece of shit!
by Seth Martin Dresser February 11, 2014
Someone who doesn't do anything with their life besides making everyone else's a living hell. Often mocks them, calls them names, and photoshops them onto things.
FD: "I'm a piece of shit."
by tbhpleasestopomg August 11, 2015
My English teacher
Jim: What the hell is that? A piece of shit?
Sarah: No, it's just our English teacher.
by fuck off please March 03, 2015

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