The term 'Pie head' is used to describe those who are less fortunate than us.
Dude, stfu you fucking pie head
by Mister_B August 26, 2008
Top Definition
Someone whos totally thick as a brick, hasnt got two brain cells to rub together!
Fucking think aboutwhat youre doing man, you fucking pie head!
by lorraine scott August 30, 2006
Trash, scum, liar, worthless, whiskey dick man who doesn't work or take care of his children. Usually found up a "creek" or "holler" and is easy to spot because every time his mouth is open it is either to whine or tell a lie.
You sure are a loser, Pie Head.
by Crazy Amy December 17, 2008
a fat person, who thinks about eating all the time.
dont listen to him he's a piehead
by becks January 23, 2004
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