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"Pie" is sexual slang for the vulva. A "pie team" can either be used to describe a group of only women in an objectifying manner. Or it could describe a group of men who are on the prowl to find women who will sleep with them.
Angela: "OMG! None of the guys showed up!"
Sarah: "It's ok, girls. We'll be a pie team tonight! Wooooooo!"


Brad: "I haven't had pussy in ages"
Chad: "Well that's gotta change. Let me call up the boys and we'll form a pie team tonight. What sort of pie are you looking for?"
Brad: "Cream"
Chad: "Brah. You're hilarious"
Brad: "You're pretty cool yourself, brah."
Chad: "Brah...."
*Brad and Chad make out and never make it out of the house*
by pie_man February 26, 2013
A team of pie eaters, who regularly meet to eat pie at 3.14PM each day (also known as Pi Time).
Chris: "Let's form a pie team!"
Chanisha: "Ok."
by kazuma_ishimaru February 26, 2013
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