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Someone whos totally thick as a brick, hasnt got two brain cells to rub together!
Fucking think aboutwhat youre doing man, you fucking pie head!
by lorraine scott August 30, 2006
27 6
Trash, scum, liar, worthless, whiskey dick man who doesn't work or take care of his children. Usually found up a "creek" or "holler" and is easy to spot because every time his mouth is open it is either to whine or tell a lie.
You sure are a loser, Pie Head.
by Crazy Amy December 17, 2008
4 3
The term 'Pie head' is used to describe those who are less fortunate than us.
Dude, stfu you fucking pie head
by Mister_B August 26, 2008
3 3
a fat person, who thinks about eating all the time.
dont listen to him he's a piehead
by becks January 23, 2004
3 9