the result of putting a weasle in a jar of vinager and using it to baste your freshly cooked squirrel;

usually occurs in southern states such as alabama
YEEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAAA! Hey Cletus the Pickleweasle's ready!
by mcskizzle February 10, 2004
Top Definition
A word commonly used to test to see whether or not someone is under the influence of Marijuana.
Dave suspiciously and rapidly looked side to side as he edged his face closer to the high John. He then looked John straight in the eye and quickly whispered "pickleweasle." John then found himself in a blunder.
by Bloodizzle May 03, 2010
The Pickle Weasle is known for it's scarce sightings and pickle smelling hair. The Pickle Weasle is a master of disguise and can fit in the smallest crack if it wanted to. The Pickle Weasle can shed it's fur at any time and grow a new coat in 2-3 hours. The Pickle Weasle was discovered in a vacant field in South America robbing a mouse den of it's babies and raping the mother mouse. There are only around 300 Pickle Weasles left in the wild. The rest of them are in captivity.
"I remember once when I was taking a trip to South America and I saw a Pickle Weasle ravaging a pickle infested barrel."
by Devon December 18, 2004
a weasle thst takes pickles and rams them up peoples assholes
HOLY SHIT i got pickleweasled
by TwItCh September 17, 2003
when a man pulls out his pickle and the women sits it in her mouth moves it in an action that would suggest there is a weasle in her mouth.
Addietta gave evan a ripper pickleweasle.
by Daverino loves the pickleweasle November 27, 2006
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