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man juice
She made me lose my pickle juice.
by t-bot October 19, 2005
one word: cum. Pickles look like dicks... and u can guess the rest.
Alyssa gave Tony a blowjob and got to taste his pickle juice.
by NuttyMutantMartain May 26, 2008
Originating from the yay area. This is a drink consisting of cuervo 1800 and amaretto drank as a shot either chilled or unchilled.
Ya'll be strappin the pickle jar helmets to ya' heads and gettin 18 dummy off that pickle juice.
by aempirei March 24, 2006
While receiving a B.J., piss in the girls mouth when you tell her you're cumming.
Kristin really enjoyed mouthing my dill spear until I gave her a moutful of pickle juice.
by Rondo Boner February 13, 2007
a lubricant of sorts, also a delicious snack
Matt makes Kyle dip his hands in pickle juice before whacking him off, and then lick it afterwards to replenish his fluids.
by pasndj April 19, 2007
yo-yo trick on disney chanel
"my grandma came in the room while i was making up a new yo-yo trick and she bumped in to me and was like oh no picklejuice and i was all ok thats what ill name my new trick.!
by nick and alliee November 07, 2003