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is Sherlock Holmes's cowardly sidekick brother. He puffs up like a toad when danger approaches often heard spouting inflated catch-phrases like 'by jove' or 'say'. He works for scotland yard, so he's passively instrumental to the plot, though his narrative is often flat, droning, and for the most part, easily overlooked and almost instantly forgotten and met with such response as timing one's breath to make sure one is still alive. Fortunately he's a ginger, so he manages to give of some air of spunk, however, that false impression is corrected upon getting familiar with him and his mannarisms. He lives vicariously and in actuality off of Shelock's genious and never feels the lesser for it. All in all an excellent side character to illuminate the others.
*car backfires*
Pickle Gherkins: *sputters and puffs up* By jove, old chap, I best be getting along back to scotland yard, say, to work on the documents, you know those fiddley details, yes, say, good then, I wish you luck.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 27, 2010
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