A sorority of easy girls that usually snort lots of coke. Called "Pi Phi" for short.
"Did you hook up with that Pi Phi girl last night?"
"Oh man, that's an understatement."
"So she was pretty easy?"
"Like second grade math class. I did her indabutt two hours after we met."
"Giggidy giggidy giggidy"
by Nick D May 15, 2004
Top Definition
Pi Beta Phi is Fraternity for Women whose mission is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich the lives of members and their communities.
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity was founded at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, on April 28, 1867.
by PanhellenicPrincess April 04, 2004
a group of women who are smart, loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, classy, absolutely beautiful, and always looking for a good time; basically a combination of every aspect a guy would want to marry and every girl would like to be.
When you meet a Pi Phi, you realize immediately that there's something unique about her. There's an unmatched level of integrity and commitment to excellence, and a general aura of potential that sets this person apart from the pack. That's because she's a Pi Phi through and through and a member of a premier organization for women.
I want to be a part of Pi Beta Phi, an excellent organization
by sailing23 April 12, 2007
A group of super hot, fun girls who are smart and also love to party. They are all gorgeous and outgoing and love to have a good time just hanging out or killing it on the dance floor. A nationally renowned sorority that any girl would be proud to join. They have a very good reputation on any campus and are respected by all the frat guys.
Matt: Hey, did you see that super hot girl over there? She's so awesome, i wanna date her

John: Yeah dude, she's a pi beta phi! They're the best
by lasco3 October 04, 2013
A shitty sorority full of controlling, fake, obnoxious bitches. They're insecure so they drink all the time to feel better. Don't be surprised if one pukes all over your dick while she's giving you head!!!
Hey, look at that drunk slut over there! She's a Pi Beta Phi.
by fuckyall22222 April 18, 2011
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