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(noun) A person obsessed with the illicit application of fringe technology.
In the early 1970s, phone phreaks designed and marketed little boxes that allowed the users to make unlimited free long-distance calls.
by LeRoy Greene October 24, 2004
12 33
In order to phreak you must have an advanced knowledge of the:
Telephone System
Cell Phones
and the operations the operator can conect

Also you need to know how to create/do (a):
open up a payphone
cross the correct wires in a payphone
and know the operations of the area codes
I can phreak a Verizon & AT&T phone. Can you?
by Zach September 09, 2004
8 37
-Person who is able to use a dial tone to hack, and or participates in anarchistic activities.
- s/he jackpotted the atm using a micro computer between the host and atm / s/he sent (insert location)into complete chaos by doing _______ and_______
by great elsamo December 07, 2003
5 42
Someone who is too freaky for the simple word "freak." This can have positive as well as negative connotations.
Damn, that girl on the dance floor is a real phreak! I want her number like mad, dawg.
by Patrick R. December 01, 2002
13 85