A loyal fan of the jam band Umphrey's McGee. (See Umphreak).
"Man, DC is a huge Phreak, he loves Umph."
by Umphrak October 02, 2008
In order to phreak you must have an advanced knowledge of the:
Telephone System
Cell Phones
and the operations the operator can conect

Also you need to know how to create/do (a):
open up a payphone
cross the correct wires in a payphone
and know the operations of the area codes
I can phreak a Verizon & AT&T phone. Can you?
by Zach September 09, 2004
-Person who is able to use a dial tone to hack, and or participates in anarchistic activities.
- s/he jackpotted the atm using a micro computer between the host and atm / s/he sent (insert location)into complete chaos by doing _______ and_______
by great elsamo December 07, 2003
Someone who is too freaky for the simple word "freak." This can have positive as well as negative connotations.
Damn, that girl on the dance floor is a real phreak! I want her number like mad, dawg.
by Patrick R. December 01, 2002
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