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I worker that does nothing all day except fix phone's. A thing that a child could do. A gravy train sort of job.
Receptionist "My phone is broke can some monkey come and fix it?"

phone monkey "It'll be about two days."

Receptionist "Don't worry, some passing five year old sorted it for me"
by Timmeh606 November 09, 2007
Anyone that works in a call-centre type enviroment or where the majority of contact with the customers is done through the phone.
But in particular anyone that cant do anything other than follow a pre-written script.
"Hey have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone from a Bangladesh call centre ?". "Yeah, its near impossible though, they are all phone monkeys !"
by Jason K February 05, 2005
A slang term used to describe a phone-in customer, who is so unprepared in their questioning, and ignorant of their own specific needs, that their attempts at communication to the listener, sound almost primate-like in nature.
"The 'phone monkey' on other end of the line, can't tell me what kind of bike he has!"
by D. Gould December 21, 2005
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