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A vagina used in the same sense as calling someone a pussy or cunt.
John: Why is Dave being such a phlong today?
Tom: No idea maybe he's got some sand in his phlong.
by Evan Midd May 25, 2007
5 3
A general curse word..
That son-of-a-phlong Chuck keeps deleting my definition.
by Robert A. Chu June 08, 2013
2 1
a German delicacy made of Jack and Jill's first condom, a zebras left testicle, 1lb of Marijuana, Jose Cuervo, a Amish mans beard, foot fungus, and a 90 year old transvestites penis
"Hey Rick i just ate some phlong", "WTF is wrong with you?"
by Hunter Philpottt July 10, 2008
7 7