A desperately needed dose of Phish.
That was a nice Bathtub Gin, just the Phix I needed.
by Jamie Kennedy May 14, 2008
Top Definition
Derived from the word fix used in the definition "To get your fix". Though the word phix gives definition to those obtaining a thrill through a natural high. Be that adreneline, music, art, sports and other natural sensations
"Getting a phix of adreneline" or "Music is my phix"
by C T A December 17, 2007
past tense: phixed. plural: phixes.


1. when maunfacturers of products (often software) try to deal with flaws in their designs without actually addressing said flaws, and fail to improve things (often making them worse).

2. to neuter a product, i.e. make it unusable, by applying a phix.

3. a phoney fix (often used for phishing)
I just phixed my browser last night and I'm dead in the web.

I applied all the OEM's phixes and I still can't get my word processor to stop crashing when I type "phix".
by Michael DeCosta, III July 10, 2004
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