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Bane of humanity. Stinks up a plague. The walking Black Death. Responsible for the Dark Ages. Was the primary cause the World Wars, and future wars to come.
"The world was shroud in darkness .. death permeated the air. Fearful rats scurried across the scorched earth. The presence of evil overwhelming. Confused, I searched for an answer. Then I saw philz, and all was made clear."
by JaeCee April 18, 2005
idiot, pyshcopath. One that is mentally& emotionally disturbed. The mental part is obvious. Emotionally, meaning unemotional, no feelings.
Phil -- an extremely "philz" type of character.
by Kiza January 22, 2005
1. A filo guy who plays random online games, usually that have something to do with guns or anime. Also HOP in #aeropub , which is a Ragnarok Online channel. Likes to script lots of mIRC crap too.
2. Someone who kicks ass.

(Anymore definitions on philz is probably an attempt to put him down. This is the one and only definition of him that would apply.)
1. Hey look, its philz!
2. Omg that guy is so philz!
by philz November 09, 2004
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