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a good show that airs on the disney channel, but although it airs on a kid's television network, if you read "between the lines" you will see that there are things that represent things that just shouldn't be on disney channel.
in one episode of phil of the future, "virtu-date", phil and keely take a "virtu-trip", which proves to be like an lsd trip, because they hear, smell, see, feel, and taste things that aren't real, they see amazing things, and of course, the name "virtu-trip" represents a trip and the "virtu-goggles" represent the lsd.
by noneofyobeezwax June 06, 2007
A great TV show on Disney starring a very hot, yet short, guy who's name is Phil in the show.
Phil of the future is a good show because Phil is so hot.
by sharter12345 March 30, 2006
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