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A selective fraternity with emphasis on character, brotherhood, and achievement.

Rich history in service in WWI, WWII, civil rights movements, service and philanthropy for A Hole in the Wall camps (summer camps for terminally ill children).

They won't rush 200+ guys a semester, then barely get to know them like other fraternities.

A fraternity that utilizes the personalities and backgrounds of its diverse membership to work for the greater good.

Known for getting **** done and having the most fun, PKT works hard, parties harder.

Safe to party with since they're usually gentlemen to ladies, and take care of others, which all comes from their character of putting others above theirselves, and will be the party everyone feels they missed come monday morning.
Sorority girl1: "these frat guys are all the same! I'm like over it!"

Sorority girl2: "yeah, that's why I've been kicking it with the phi taus, they actually have personality"

Sorority girl1: "I'm calling all my friends! we're going to the Phi Tau house tonight!"

Sorority girl3: "OMG are you two talking about the guys from phi kappa tau?"

Sorority girl1/2: "yeaaah"

Sorority girl 3: "I partied with them last weekend! We had a chill bbq, then later turned in to a rager. I'm never going to another house again!"
by beatcanada September 12, 2009
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A social fraternity devoted to being the most kick ass group of guys colleges have ever seen.

A gentleman who works hard by day and parties hard by night.

Also known as Phi Tau.
"Check out that guy...he's pretty suave...must be a Phi Tau"

"Let's go help the local Phi Kappa Tau chapter raise thousands of dollars for sick kids, then go celebrate with them at their Toga Party."
by Ian M Taylor December 11, 2006
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