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used to express relief.
that was hard. now it is over. phew.
by angelar? December 09, 2004
A human expression of relief generated by sound, which is, created by inserting lower lip between top front row teeth and lower front row teeth and exhaling breath (from the diaphragm) a "ph" then ending with an "ew".
I was so stressed out, but when it was resolved, "phew" was I relieved!
by Gurly-Q March 14, 2007
the phrase commonly used after taking a massive dump
"grrrr" "mmmmmm" "hoooo" ~barooomph~ "phew"
by Fat Bastard August 07, 2002
While usually thought of in the term of "I'm so tired," it is actually the root for "phewy," the G version of fuck. Therefore, phew can be used to mean fuck as well, and may be used in any of its forms, although it sounds quite silly. This version is pronounced "foo."
Phew you mother-phewer!!
She was acting so phewing bitchy tonight!
They phewed at the party yesterday.
by hotnessjess January 21, 2007
A shorter version of the word nephew.
What up phew? Whats crack a lackin' phew?
by C.R.W. March 24, 2006
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