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Another spelling for Phoebe, but without the O. Phebes are amazing- They usually are smart, pretty, funny, interesting, and thoughtful. Phebes usually play a sport or an instrument, maybe both. Phebe also has a lot of Old World roots. Usually blonde haired, although there are exceptions. Phebe rules! :)
Phebe is so awesome, she's as amazing as Phoebe.
by glaxgoalie March 04, 2012
26 5
Oafish in style or personality
Phebe just got molished by that flying scadubie.
by Gollum March 28, 2003
16 41
a kid with flameing red hair and red pubes
Hey! Look at Phebe. His new name is fireball
by Bilbo Baggins March 26, 2003
21 50