A new type of rave where you bring in whatever prescription drugs you have and trade them with someone else.
You want to go to a pharming party this weekend?
by Hannah222 July 31, 2005
Top Definition
Interfering with Domain Name Resolution so that a given URL (ie www.large-financial-institution.com) is redirected to an ipaddress that the user did not intend, usually done to get personal information from the user into the hands of a hacker.
That pharming scam fooled 10,000 people into giving up there bank login information.
by qexter May 12, 2005
The act of searching another person's bathroom or medicine closet for expired or forgotten script pills with the intent of stealing them to get high. Usually done by a group of teens or young adults at their rents houses and then pooled and shared.

Derived from the word farming to imply "getting by on what sprouts up" and substituting the "f" with the phonetic equal "ph" as in pharmacy to imply "getting by (high) off whatever can be harvested."

The location the pills are taken from is often referred to as a pharm.
"More cautious than most, Justin always looked up the purpose of the pills he found after pharming his friends' houses to learn of any risks or interactions taking them might cause."
by Sleightflow December 09, 2012
The act of using prescription drugs to get high.
I went to a pharming party last night and got so high. :]
by Amber Static December 20, 2006
The word used to describe the act of a person/s going to the local pharmacy to buy drugs. Like DXM or Dramamine.
"What do you mean we can't get any weed? Well I guess that's because it's illegal and we have to purchase it on the black market. I guess we could go pharming tonight and drugs that are actually dangrous instead of smoking harmless marijuana which we only can't get because it's wrongfully illegal. Oh well, time to go pharming! Let's go guys!"
by Jason Nelson March 16, 2006
Genetic alteration for agricultural purposes. (Pharmacy + farm)
The scientist is pharming a new kind of corn, so that it tastes like apples.
by hillarie May 10, 2006
the posting of nonsense on a message board, simply to get a higher post count.
"Man quit pharming before i beat your head in."
by authentic January 12, 2004
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