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The phantom nut is derived from banging a chick in the ass and faking the most extreme orgasm. During the fake, you spit a loogie on her back, hence "fantom nut". the female then thinks You are done. When she turns around to kiss you, the phantom nut appears. the assailant Yells and spooges in her eye.
jack gave holly a phantom nut...
by sqwiggy February 14, 2007
the act of telling your partner your gonna cum, and then spitting on your partners back, and as they turn around blowing your load in there eyes, blinding them and taking off into the night.
1. Last night i met some whore at the bar and then gave her a phantom nut and made off with her car.

2. Who knows, what fear lurks in the heart of women, only the Phantom Nut knows.
by blueberry bandit March 04, 2006
When either fucking a chick raw or protected after consuming alcohol, you have the sensation and belief that you busted nut but your not sure. All side effects of busting a load applies ( increase in sensitivity and decrease in the erection.)
Mike fucked his old fuckbuddy after a night of drinking, he then takes the condom off mid session due to lack of sensitivity. Recieved head, then proceeded to raw dog Janet until he had a Phantom Nut to where he kept fucking with the uncertainty of cumming just to eventually lose the erection with a huge increase in sensitivity.
by Rowdorr August 15, 2016
When a man with only one nut has such a good fucking that it feels like his missing nut is there again. A phantom nut is usually identified as pain in the area of where that nut used to be.
She rode me so good i felt it in my Phantom Nut!
by Halfaman December 08, 2009
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