1. An orgasm caused by a spectacular moment in any work related to Phantom of the Opera.

2. As a POTO character reaches a climax, so do you.

adj. Phantasmic
"Silently the senses, abandon their defenses..."
by goosetav July 10, 2012
Top Definition
phantom, spectre, ghost, illusion of fantasy.
...then the phantasm faded away.
by illphantasm May 26, 2003
cool fuckin movie
phantasm kicks ass
by big mike the man October 31, 2003
When a frightening moment reaches a climax
hey, dude last night i watched the grudge and it gave me a phantasm
by jacobe johnson January 16, 2010
When a guy ejaculates on a womans face covering only half (like the phantom of the opera mask).
"Dude, did you take your girl to the opera last night?" "No, but I did give her a phantasm."
by JoshuaKellie March 29, 2008
A Phantasic Orgasm

This word is used in explaining the best orgasm you have ever had.
He was so good, I've never has such a phantasm
by Cash November 13, 2004
An orgasm for homosexual men. When self-induced, it most-likely involes unicorns, rainbows, and fairies.
When little Johnny reached his phantasm, his parents kicked him out of the house (His father later died from acohol abuse while his mother jumped into moving traffic.
by PizzleEizzleTizzleEizzleRizzle September 15, 2005
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