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the suite of rooms in Pforzheimer house at Harvard that comprise one of the largest suites at Harvard. The belltower has a full size built-in bar in the party room upstairs and has 3 common rooms, 12 bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms. The residents are wildly proficient at playing Winning Eleven, rowing crew, banking, violin, writing, afterschool programs, fencing, scrabble, more banking, singing, ves, drinking, and seeing how often they can use the word croad in a day (harder than you think). The residents are also able to enjoy many, many tv channels. Many channels indeed.
"This chick told me that the pfoho belltower and the people that live in it are 'all things sketchy.' So I told her that she was a croad . . . Quick game for Winning Eleven?"
by croadhater November 05, 2006