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"Pretty Frikkin' Cool." This abbreviation first originated at the University of Florida to describe the new technology used during Engineers Week 2012 but has since then expanded to a general term describing anything that causes one to stop and say, "Hey, that's pretty frikkin' cool."

PFC can be used as both a noun and adjective, as illustrated in the examples below.
There's some mad PFC heading your way.

The E-Week website is PFC.

"Hey man, how you get so PFC?"
"It's a gift, my brother."
by mrpfc February 26, 2012
0 0
p- perfect f- for c-clearing
when u clear a house full of insurgents.
sgt day- we have to clear that house
cpl dumass- we should jus have a pfc do it.
sgt day- ok.
by 0341martinez August 20, 2006
12 12
a gathering every sunday during the fall and winter in order where fake patriots fans use the game as an excuse in order to eat pizza and do other secret rituals that will not be named
I heard PFC is getting together today and rooting for the colts
by Laurence Maroney May 03, 2007
2 4
P-erfectly F-ucking C-luless
SGT Slaughter- Hey PFC Kim where is the paperwork I gave you yesterday?
PFC Kim- I don't know I'm only a PFC SGT Slaughter.
SGT Slaughter- Oh yeah I forgot Sorry stupid.
by Brandon21 December 20, 2005
7 10