1. Sound made by energy weaponry (especially lasers) or rapid gunfire
2. Combat involving such weapons


1. To attack with lasers, automatic gunfire or similar weapons
2. To completely defeat an opponent (usually in computer games)
Star Wars had some decent pew pew in it.

Klingons pew pew first and ask questions later

I pew pewed that guy so hard at Starcraft 2
by Bro-slang September 12, 2010
a sound made by guns or stupid japanese anime gunfires. Used to taunt people. Extremely annoying for many people. Used by noobs.
Michael is a PEW PEW

by trlololo February 13, 2011
An interjection used to signal the presence of a good looking female.
Stems from the sound a robot makes after seeing a hot fem-bot. It is caused by his insides disintegrating (from the uber-sexiness, of course). The pew sound can be imagined as a nut/bolt hitting the inside of his outer casing, similar to the sound made by a ricocheting bullet.
Your sexiness makes my robot parts go pew pew pew

*spots hot girl*
pew pew!
*friends look and stare*
by Kev007 December 05, 2010
1.Sound signifying lasers.
2.or owning a person/place/thing
"did you hear that pew pew with the surround sound?"

"Dude ima pew pew your ass down!"
by Aoshi May 28, 2006
the derisive sounds made upon seeing the new university of waterloo logo for the first time.
"how do you like the new logo...pew pew"
by solipsism July 27, 2009
created by paintball player, branden macdonald, after yelling at the camera. " oh look fox news. PEW PEW" ( fox news laughs)
after yelling at the camera. " oh look fox news. PEW PEW" ( fox news laughs)
by shultzue October 11, 2008
Something utterly too disgusting to be described.
Dude, your face is pew pew.
by Sunflower. May 19, 2009

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