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When to males have sex with the same person, they become Peter In Laws.
No shit? You banged her too?! That makes us Peter In Laws!
by bottoz September 28, 2004
A relational distinction. If you sleep with a girl, then your buddy sleeps with her. You are his peter-in-law. The relationship is one way. You would not be his peter-in-law unless you sleep with that girl again *after* him.
Sean Penn (Madonna's ex-husband) is the peter-in-law of Guy Ritchie (and let's face facts, a bunch of other people too!)
by Jeff Lebowski June 09, 2004
Two men who have had sex with the same woman.
John and Mark have both had sex with Sally. John and Mark are peter in laws.
by C Burn August 26, 2013
when you and your friends have sex with the same girl.
im glad i did'nt have sex with her then i would be peter-inlaws with half the damn town
by septicwater February 04, 2010
the sophisticated terminology used to describe any two male friends who have slept with one or more of the same women
leonard: you slept with betty? so did stan! You're weiner cousins with stan? wow!

elroy: weiner cousins? what, are you a billyhill? we're peter-in-laws you filthy savage!
by jedicollins December 09, 2009
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