A Slang term for a homosexual who likes sucking big dicks.
Look at Neil and Bob holding hands, I wonder who will be the petereater tonight.
by Cornholio6379 September 27, 2009
Top Definition
to put the penis in the mouth
lisa is a peter eater
by bill norris December 10, 2003
Derek Jeter, short stop of the NYY
Jeter Jeter peter eater.
by Jared K September 11, 2006
A person who does fellatio.
She's one of the best peter-eaters in town!
by necrotism May 21, 2006
(n. slang) a heterosexual woman or homosexual man that indulges in the art of fellatio. The term is primarily applied to male twink homos.
Ever since the age of four, Anthony was the consummate peter eater... he went down on Beau every day of his life.
by Robert E. Porter July 15, 2007
Person that is a flaming D-Bag(urban dictionary definition). Major fag that sucks at baseball but thinks he's the S**t. Macs on ugly fat chicks and brags about gettin some.
You just pulled a Peter Eater.
by Hylander October 17, 2006
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