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When someone (usually a friend) convinces you that you you are attracted to someone else by continuously telling you that you like them. After weeks (days, if the friend is an extremely good peter-er) of constant bombardment, you start to believe it yourself and by then, you actually do like the person.
Peter: Dude, you like her.
Matthew: NO I DONT.
Peter: Dude you totally like her.
Matthew: Holy shit, i do.

Peter: Peter'd!
by kobe2411 August 26, 2010
Getting someone else to do your work when you would ask Peter, but Peter isn't there, so u have to ask some other dumbass to do Peter's(your) duties !
Marc: Wheres Peter?
Michael: Not here. Why ?
Marc : No reason.....

Marc: Hey Greg sweep the floor for me.
Greg: ok.

Marc : Hey Michael, Greg just got Peter'd !
by M To The Bizzle March 14, 2009
to be physically exhausted after one's first homosexual experience
europe was a blast but i was especially peter'd out after that nite i spent in amsterdam in the all-male hostel!
by TdotSam7 June 27, 2014
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