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A sex act involving two men and a woman. During double-anal penetration (both men putting their "Peter" in her "Potamus"), the woman starts a low howl; she is then joined by both men as their vocalizations evolve into a Hippo Hurricane Holler, which lasts either until both men ejaculate inside her or the three start laughing so much as to make sex impracticable.

Based on the cartoon character Peter Potamus, inspired by a misheard lyric from "3," the Britney Spears song about guy-guy-girl sex -- instead of "One, two, three / Peter, Paul & Mary," the listener heard "One, two, three / Peter Potamus me."
Dude: Bro, what happened last night?

Bro: Dude, I can't believe you don't remember! You and I righteously peter potamused that chick from the party.

Dude: Awesome, bro! Did we make it through, or break up laughing again?
by PeterP123 April 11, 2010
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