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When a guy wants to send a seductive dick pic but is embarrassed by his small junk he sends a picture of the shadow of his dick so as to leave it's size up to the recipient's imagination.
Ethan: Bro, I'm so peter panning Mary right now.

Mary: OMG Ethan just peter panned me!
Susie: I wonder how big it really is...
by eskeetz January 17, 2013
Extremely flamboyant individual who is suspiciously gay, moving about with feminine characteristics.
"Will you quit peter panning around the house and get ready for dinner."
by Trill Chris December 09, 2011
a guy wearing tight jeans
That guy at the mall looks so stupid he is always peterpanning it up with those girl looking jeans.
by D_a_v_i_d June 17, 2008
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