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way of life,
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
A Pessimist is a Person who will Generally, most of the time, see the Negative, Bad, Flaw-filled or Imperfect about Virtually Anything, no matter how Neutral or Positive it could be, however, a Pessimist is not always Pessimistic.

Being a Pessimist is not always bad either, everyone's Pessimistic and Negative sometimes, just not as much as a Pessimist, Pessimism can be good when you have to think Realistic about something, but sometimes it can be very bad and extremely Annoying to hear someone using Pessimism.
by Hiii111 September 28, 2012
One who is or has been a grumpypants is a pessimist.
casey miller is a pessimist.
by crista November 18, 2007